A Call to Arms

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Picture courtesy US Army

This section of the website is the repository for sets of war time photos.  These photos cover a period of time and sometime show the more personal side of serving your country.

This is still a very new section of the site and will be growing.  Eventually, I hope to have photos from as many of the conflicts and wars as possible from all sides involved.  Regardless of the flag they fought under, this section is a tribute to the soldiers who answered the call to duty.


Operation Iraqi Freedom
A Year's Duty - The 200th in Iraq - Monte Claussen
Australians in Iraq - Allen Hill
Coalition Troops in Iraq - Allen Hill
Iraqi Army Vehicles - Jeff DeRosa
Iraqi Armor (Destroyed) - Jeff DeRosa
Helicopters in Iraq - Jeff DeRosa
NewOperation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 - Martin Oliver


2008-2009 Israel - Gaza Conflict
Israel-Gaza Conflict - Tsahi Ben-Ami - Photos from the opening days
Israel-Gaza Conflict - Tsahi Ben-Ami - Videos from the opening days