Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

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Miscellaneous HEMTT Features


M977     M978     M983     M984     M985     M989A1     M1075     M1075 w/ CMMM     M1076 Trailer

M1977 CBT     M1977 CBT Extended     M1120 LHS     Pallets

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(From the Army Fact File)          There are five basic configurations of the HEMTT series trucks: M977 cargo truck with Materiel Handling Crane, M978 2500 gallon fuel tanker, M985 cargo truck with Materiel Handling Crane, M983 tractor and the M984 wrecker. A self-recovery winch is also available on certain models. This vehicle family is rapidly deployable and is designed to operate in any climatic condition where military operations are expected to occur. The HEMTT is the backbone of U.S. Army logistics. Standard features include front and rear tow eyes, blackout lights, 24-volt electrical system, and rear pintle hook for towing trailers and artillery. All models are C130, C141 and C17 air transportable and are capable of fording water crossings up to 48 inches deep.

The HEMTT Load Handling System (LHS) consists of a standard HEMTT (M977/M978 or M985 chassis) prime mover (8 x 8 foot configuration) equipped with an integral load-handing system providing self-load/unload capability and capable of transporting an 11-ton payload. LHS carries equipment/ammunition/supply loads on demountable “flatrack” cargo beds and is able to tow an 11-ton payload trailer also capable of carrying flatracks. The containerized roll-in/out platform (CROP), an A-frame type flatrack that fits inside a 20-foot International Standards Organization container, gives the HEMTT LHS added cargo carrying capability. Flatracks and CROPs are interchangeable between HEMTT LHS and the Palletized Load System.




Miscellaneous HEMTT Features

HEMTT Tow Bar Mount walk around



Armored HEMTTs

Corey Sanders Armored HEMTTs in Iraq



HEMTT TFFT (Tactical Fire Fighting Truck)

HEMTT TFFT Photos by Rich Sahli     HEMTT TFFT Walk Around by Jeremy Mowers

HEMTT TFFT Photos by Dan Rowbottom




M977A4 Walk Around by Dieter Krause



M978 2500 Gal Fuel Tanker

M978 Walk Around     Pascal's M978 Walk Around     M978 Fueling Compartment Walk Around
M978 Wheel Well Walks
     M978 Area Specific Walks     M978 Interior Walk Around
HEMTTs in Action
     NG HEMTT Pictures     M978 refueling MK2 CSBs    
M978 refueling itself
M978 Walk Around by Brent Sauer     M978 Refueling Vehicles by Monte Claussen
M978 (ROC) Walk Around by Chiou Cheng Wen    M978 (IDF) Walk Around by Anonymous
Pascal's Italeri 1/35 M978



M983 Tractor

Pascal's M983 Walk Around     HEMTTs in Action     NG HEMTT Pictures



M984 Wrecker

M984E1 Walk Around     M984E1 Rear Walk Around     M984E1 Top Side Walk Around

M984E1 Crane Walk Around     HEMTTs in Action     NG HEMTT Pictures     M984 Wrecker pulling out an M1977

M984 - "Camel Tow" photos by Brent Sauer




M985 Walk Around     Second M985 Walk Around     M985 with Crane Extended

M985 Walk Around by Brent Sauer     M985 in the Field by Monte Claussen

M985 Photos     Gert's M985 Action Photos




M989A1 Walk Around     Pascal's M989A1 Photos




M1075 Walk Around     M1075 Photos     M1074 & M1075 Photos
M1075 Walk Around by Rob McCune
Erik Jacobs - One Year in Iraq



M1075 w/ Concrete  Mobile Mixer Module

M1075 CMMM Walk Around     M1075 CMMM Photos



M1076 Trailer

M1076 Trailer Empty Walk Around     M1076 Trailer with IRB IB Walk Around     M1076 w/ Combat Support Boat Walk Around
M1076 Hitched Walk Around
     M1076 Folded Hitch Walk Around     M1076 Straight Hitch Walk Around
M1076 Front End Walk Around     M1076 Top Down Walk Around     M1076 Rear End Walk Around
M1076 Driver Side Walk Around     M1076 Passenger Side Walk Around     M1076 Wheels & Axels Walk Around
M1076 w/ Misc Loads     M998A1 Hardtop on M1076     M1097A2 Humvee on M1076 Walk Around
M1076 with PLS Dump Module Walk Around by Brent Sauer



M1977 Common Bridge Transport

M1977 CBT Walk Around     M1977 w BAP Loading IRB     M1977 w BAP Unloading IRB
M1977 Back of the Cab Walk Around
     M1977 w/ BAP Top Walk Around     M1977 w/ BAP Walk Around
M1977 Loading IRB from the water
     M1977 Loading a Combat Support Boat     M1977 w/ CSB Walk Around
M1977 Interior Walk Around
     HEMTTs in Action     NG HEMTT Pictures     M1977 being Repaired
M1977s Returning by Rail     M984 Wrecker pulling out an M1977     Parking Area for the M1977s
Empty M1977 rear walk around



M1977 CBT Extended

M1977 CBT Extended Mini Walk Around     M1977 with BAP Extended Walk Around



M1120 Load Handling System

M1120 LHS w/ CHU Walk Around     M1120 LHS Walk Around by Dieter Krause




M1077 Mini Walk Around     M1077 Detailed Walk Around     M1077 w/ Conex Container
M1 Enhanced Flatrack     M1 Flatrack Used as a Shelter

PLS Asphalt Module Walk Around by Brent Sauer
PLS Concrete Module Walk Around by Brent Sauer
PLS Dump Module Walk Around by Brent Sauer





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