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All my life I have been fascinated with space flight, both fact and fiction.  I remember staring in awe as the Imperial Star Destroyer first made its first flight across the screen chasing the Rebel Blockade Runner just as I remember feeling the same in front of the TV as man walked on the moon.  When Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity landed on Mars, I was glued to the web and NASA TV waiting for any information.

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Live HD camera feed from the International Space Station
Note:  The ISS is in darkness 50% of the time, you will have a black picture on occasion.

Where is the ISS now?

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Apollo 12 Command Module
Apollo CSM Engine
Apollo CSM RCS Thruster

Atlas Rocket
Atlas Vernier Motor
Buran BST-02 (OK-GLI)
Gemini RCS Thruster
ISS and Endeavour (23 May 2011)
Jupiter C
M2F3 Lifting Body
Mercury Capsule
Mercury RCS Thruster
Mercury Redstone
Mercury Retro Pack

Mir Mockup
Pershing II Missile
Redstone Rocket
RocketDyne F1 Engine
S-IVB Auxillary Motor
Saturn 1 Uprated (Huntsville)
Saturn 1B (Kennedy)
Saturn V (Huntsville)
Saturn V (Kennedy)
Saturn V Instrument Ring
Skylab (Huntsville)
Skylab (NASM)
Space Shuttle Discovery
Space Shuttle Enterprise
SpaceShipOne (N328KF)
SS-20 Missile
V-2 Thrust Chamber
V-2 Turbopump
X-38 (Test Vehicle)
X-38 (V-131R) Crew Return Vehicle
X-40A Space Maneuver Vehicle (SMV)